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2016 m. gruodžio 13 d. (antradienį) 16.00- 19.00 val. Sūduvos gimnazijoje tradiciškai organizuojama tėvų diena, kurios metu Jūs galėsite individualiai pasikalbėti su Jūsų vaikui dėstančiais mokytojais, pabendrauti su specialistais ar administracija. Maloniai kviečiame atvykti ir individualiai aptarti Jūsų vaiko sėkmes, nesėkmes atskirų dalykų pamokose. Rekomenduojame susisiekti su dėstančiais mokytojais per E. dienyną ir  susitikimui užsiregistruoti, kad išvengtume didelių eilių prie kabinetų.

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„What We Need is Europe: United in Diversity“(Eng)

Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/14  Pirmyn

Delegations from Guadeloupe and France have visited Sūduvos gymnasium. On Monday night the guests from France and Guadeloupe were greeted in Sūduvos stadium. Monday was a family day for leisure, where the guests had the opportunity to meet socialize and to settle.

Tuesday – a day at school. In the morning all the groups presented their countries, traditions and culture. This was followed by sporting activities: dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and football. After all funny games in the courtyard they sang songs, blew giant bubbles. Then the guests had the chance to see the lessons of Sūduvos Gymnasium, learning conditions and assess the educational space. And after delicious lunch in the school canteen they visited Mantinga which produces indescribably delicious bakery products. In the evening - free time again, which we spent in Peace and Poetry parks.

Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/60  Pirmyn
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In France PDF Spausdinti


France PDF Spausdinti
                     Man is but a network of relationships and these alone matter to him.“
                                                                                                 Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/20  Pirmyn
It goes without saying that communication between people, nations and sharing experience with each other offers a huge opportunity to get acquainted with pecularities of different countries. Such an opportunity occurred for us to visit France with the second student mobility of multilateral Comenius Project „What we need is Europe: United in Diversity“.
On 6th April the group of 5 teachers and 7 students took a flight to France where they were warmly welcomed by a French Project coordinator Heidrun Moutel and her colleagues. Students were more than happy to meet their French pals in person and were looking forward to staying in their families for the whole week. The time flew by while visiting the worldwide famous places and monuments of Paris, rich in history castles and palaces, trying exquisite French cuisine, working together , having fun together and,of course, communicating.
We are back already but we still feel the bond with French culture: the pace of life, the smell of French cheese, the taste of croissants with morning coffee. So many impressions and beautiful memories are still very fresh in our minds and we live in anticipation of meeting our new friends again soon.
Coordinators of the Project Are Exploring Lithuania (24-29 March, 2015) PDF Spausdinti
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/30  Pirmyn
The final teachers‘ conference of multilateral Comenius project “What We Need is Europe: United in Diversity” took place in 2015, March 24-29, in Marijampolė, Lithuania. On 24 March, Vilnius welcomed the representatives of seven partner countries: Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania, the Czech Republic, France and Guadeloupe.
The first place our guests visited was Vilnius University, where the delegation was introduced to Lithuanian general and higher educational systems, opportunities for a young person when choosing the way of life. The guide showed educational spaces, faculties of the latest specialties such as biotechnologies and engineering. The guests were also introduced to the foundation of the University, its honourable history. Later we explored Gediminas castle which preserves the great history of Lithuania. Here the guests had a unique opportunity to explore the panorama of Vilnius and take amazing pictures in the place so precious to every Lithuanian. After tasting traditional Lithuanian cuisine, the foreigners continued the tour around Vilnius: we visited the crypts of the Vilnius Cathedral, where the guide told us amazing history of the place; also, we had a historic tour in National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/86  Pirmyn
After two sunny days in our capital and Trakai, the delegation of guests, full of unforgettable impressions, arrived to Marijampole. The next morning project partners were warmly welcomed by the headmaster of our Gymnasium A. Zdanys and the administration. The director presented our school: its structure, the organization of education, the policy of main activities, vision and mission. The deputy headmistress L. Jukneliene amazingly discussed the extracurricular activities of our school, cultural events, which cherish our values and traditions. The partners were also introduced to Lithuanian general and higher educational systems, had a unique opportunity to see students’ learning conditions, examine educational spaces, observe open teachers’ lessons, visit the museum of our Gymnasium, explore the exhibitions of students‘ works and compare different educational systems. Also, our guests had a unique possibility to observe cheerful performances prepared by our students: singing, playing the traditional folk instruments the kanklės, folk and modern dances, and even dance a traditional Lithuanian folk dance!
Project partners also visited Marijampolė’s J. Totoraitis pro-gymnasium. Its director R. Stebuliauskienė welcomed the guests, introduced the school, its traditions, moral values. The delegation admired a musical ‘Moliūgo gimtadienis’ performed by younger students and the dances of senior students.
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GREECE, the country, where the life twists with the rhythm of sirtaki! PDF Spausdinti


Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/79  Pirmyn

The third meeting of multilateral Comenius project “What We Need is Europe: United in Diversity” took place in 2014, October 5-10, in Ioannina (Greece). It was attended by our school headmaster Alvydas Zdanys, deputy headmaster Lina Juknelienė and English teacher Sigita Grinkutė. The purpose of the meeting was to overview and discuss the activities that were carried out during the first year of the project. And discuss the further steps that need to be taken.
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Students presentations PDF Spausdinti

Written material

Who am I

The activity has been funded by Lifelong Learning Programme which is administered by Education Exchanges Support Foundation in the Republic of Lithuania. The article reflects the author‘s point of view, so the Foundation is not responsible for the information given.


STUDENTS’ MEETING IN PRAGUE - a magical atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else! PDF Spausdinti

The students of our gymnasium, who are participating in multilateral schools’ project Comenius „What We Need in Europe: United in Diversity“, on April 6-12, 2014 had the opportunity to visit the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague, meet new people, get to know their culture, traditions and wonderful architecture. There were 18 students who went on this trip, as well as two English teachers Sigita Grinkutė and Gintarė Matulevičienė, the IT teacher Darius Kazlauskas and the deputy headmaster Liuda Venciuvienė. The students from Italy and Greece also came to Prague.
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IZMIR – thriving capital of the Aegean region! PDF Spausdinti
The second meeting of multilateral Comenius project "What We Need is Europe: United in Diversity" took place in 2014, March 10-15, in Izmir (Turkey). The participants of this meeting were: Gymnasium’s headmaster A. Zdanys, deputy headmistress A. Vaiciuliene and project coordinator, English teacher, G. Baltruniene. The meeting took place at a professional school Mithatpasha Konak, in Izmir. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and overview the activities that have already been successfully completed at the end of the first year and future work coordination for the second year.
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/23  Pirmyn
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