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2016 m. gruodžio 13 d. (antradienį) 16.00- 19.00 val. Sūduvos gimnazijoje tradiciškai organizuojama tėvų diena, kurios metu Jūs galėsite individualiai pasikalbėti su Jūsų vaikui dėstančiais mokytojais, pabendrauti su specialistais ar administracija. Maloniai kviečiame atvykti ir individualiai aptarti Jūsų vaiko sėkmes, nesėkmes atskirų dalykų pamokose. Rekomenduojame susisiekti su dėstančiais mokytojais per E. dienyną ir  susitikimui užsiregistruoti, kad išvengtume didelių eilių prie kabinetų.

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STUDENTS’ MEETING IN PRAGUE - a magical atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else! PDF Spausdinti

The students of our gymnasium, who are participating in multilateral schools’ project Comenius „What We Need in Europe: United in Diversity“, on April 6-12, 2014 had the opportunity to visit the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague, meet new people, get to know their culture, traditions and wonderful architecture. There were 18 students who went on this trip, as well as two English teachers Sigita Grinkutė and Gintarė Matulevičienė, the IT teacher Darius Kazlauskas and the deputy headmaster Liuda Venciuvienė. The students from Italy and Greece also came to Prague.
During the first two days we had a wonderful time sightseeing around the capital of the country, during which the Czech students accompanied the students and teachers from all three countries. During the excursions we not only had the opportunity to see the wonderful Prague, its Old Town, castles, churches and other places of interest, but also to taste traditional Czech cuisine and to get to know students from other countries. On the third day in Voděradská gymnasium, the representatives from all four countries (the students participating in this project) presented their schools, showed videos and photographs of their home towns and their countries’ history. Everyone watched the presentations with a big interest: Italy and Greece mesmerized with their wonderful nature, the Czechs - with their country's nightlife and architecture, and we fascinated everyone with our school‘s modernity and a wide choice of subjects that are taught. On the following day we continued our excursion around the town, collected material for our video, had a chance to see Prague at night and make sure that this city never sleeps.
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On the last day we saw the famous Astronomic clock, the Old Town and the Bridge of Charles, where we all made a wish and with high spirits came back to our hotel to say goodbye to our newly made foreign friends. This trip made an unforgettable impression on all of us - participants of the Comenius project „What We Need in Europe: United in Diversity“. We all had a great opportunity to brush up our English and make new friends with whom we are planning to keep in touch for a long time. We are waiting with eagerness for the French students, who are coming to our gymnasium next school year, expecting to get some new knowledge about the culture of students from other country and meet a lot of new interesting people.
Neda, IVC
The activity has been funded by Lifelong Learning Programme which is administered by Education Exchanges Support Foundation in the Republic of Lithuania. The article reflects the author‘s point of view, so the Foundation is not responsible for the information given.


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