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2016 m. gruodžio 13 d. (antradienį) 16.00- 19.00 val. Sūduvos gimnazijoje tradiciškai organizuojama tėvų diena, kurios metu Jūs galėsite individualiai pasikalbėti su Jūsų vaikui dėstančiais mokytojais, pabendrauti su specialistais ar administracija. Maloniai kviečiame atvykti ir individualiai aptarti Jūsų vaiko sėkmes, nesėkmes atskirų dalykų pamokose. Rekomenduojame susisiekti su dėstančiais mokytojais per E. dienyną ir  susitikimui užsiregistruoti, kad išvengtume didelių eilių prie kabinetų.

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IZMIR – thriving capital of the Aegean region! PDF Spausdinti
The second meeting of multilateral Comenius project "What We Need is Europe: United in Diversity" took place in 2014, March 10-15, in Izmir (Turkey). The participants of this meeting were: Gymnasium’s headmaster A. Zdanys, deputy headmistress A. Vaiciuliene and project coordinator, English teacher, G. Baltruniene. The meeting took place at a professional school Mithatpasha Konak, in Izmir. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and overview the activities that have already been successfully completed at the end of the first year and future work coordination for the second year.
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/23  Pirmyn
Izmir - a town in western Turkey, near the Aegean Sea bay of Izmir. With a population of three million people, the city is the third largest in Turkey. In the late Saturday evening Lithuanian delegation was warmly welcomed in Izmir airport by the project coordinator Oya and "Turkish winter" (the thermometer showed 12 degrees Celsius). It was nice to see partners from all 7 countries again: Turkish, Romanian, Italian, Greek, Czech and two French delegations. The next morning we were already very kindly welcomed by the director of professional school, introduced with the school, its structure. We had the opportunity to visit classes, watch students’ exhibitions. On the way back from school, we visited Konak Square – the busiest part of the city, which is in the center of Izmir. It is the main historical town square with Izmir's famous Clock Tower which survived from the Ottoman Empire – the symbol of Izmir. We also had the opportunity to stroll in Kemeralti Bazaar, located in the old town of Izmir, where you can buy local handicrafts and a variety of traditional Turkish souvenirs, drink Turkish coffee or tea. Of course, you should keep in mind that the negotiations in Turkish market are necessary! A visit to the traditional Turkish mosque in the city center was unique cultural acquaintance with their local religion.
Also, we had the possibility to visit other educational institutions: private Fatih College and Yasar University. There we were introduced to Turkish general and higher educational systems, opportunities for a young person when choosing the way of life. We also participated in a round table discussion. We were provided with excellent opportunities to meet new people and evaluate students' learning conditions, educational spaces, observe open teachers’ lessons, compare different educational systems.
Unforgettable sightseeing tours were organized for project partners. We had great chances to expand our knowledge of the history of Turkey, feel the country’s deep traditions, values, and get to know country's religion, cultural heritage. A visit to Pergamon – antique town in Little Asia - was wonderful! This is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Hellenistic culture, which was founded by Greek emigrants in the twelfth century BCE. We also visited a place near old ruins of Pergamum located in Bergamo city, walked around a unique Old Town, adored the maze of little narrow streets, interacted with some sincere locals. The trip to the Virgin Mary's house, which is in the mountains of Turkey, in Ephesus, left a very deep impression to all delegations. A small hut is standing near the Nightingales hills - Holy Mary’s temple. It is believed that the Holy Mother of God spent the last years of her life there and died. This is a worldwide Catholic pilgrimage center in Turkey. Besides, Vatican announced this place a holy area. The next day we had a trip to Ephesus (founded in 1000 on the Greek BC). In the ancient world it was a center of travel and commerce. Today, the ruins of the city's history date back to the majestic, powerful year of the ancient world
Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/9  Pirmyn
Warm communication between partners, a variety of activities, great possibilities to know their culture left us unforgettable impressions and memories. The next project meeting will take place in April. 18 students and 4 accompanying teachers from our Gymnasium will be visiting the capital of Czech Republic - Prague. There they will present project-related tasks, will have the opportunity to get to know the Czech youth, their culture, educational institutions, and country’s traditions. The meeting will also be attended by delegations from Greece and Italy.
                      Gabija, IVC
The activity has been funded by Lifelong Learning Programme which is administered by Education Exchanges Support Foundation in the Republic of Lithuania. The article reflects the author‘s point of view, so the Foundation is not responsible for the information given.


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