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2016 m. gruodžio 13 d. (antradienį) 16.00- 19.00 val. Sūduvos gimnazijoje tradiciškai organizuojama tėvų diena, kurios metu Jūs galėsite individualiai pasikalbėti su Jūsų vaikui dėstančiais mokytojais, pabendrauti su specialistais ar administracija. Maloniai kviečiame atvykti ir individualiai aptarti Jūsų vaiko sėkmes, nesėkmes atskirų dalykų pamokose. Rekomenduojame susisiekti su dėstančiais mokytojais per E. dienyną ir  susitikimui užsiregistruoti, kad išvengtume didelių eilių prie kabinetų.

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Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/14  Pirmyn

Delegations from Guadeloupe and France have visited Sūduvos gymnasium. On Monday night the guests from France and Guadeloupe were greeted in Sūduvos stadium. Monday was a family day for leisure, where the guests had the opportunity to meet socialize and to settle.

Tuesday – a day at school. In the morning all the groups presented their countries, traditions and culture. This was followed by sporting activities: dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and football. After all funny games in the courtyard they sang songs, blew giant bubbles. Then the guests had the chance to see the lessons of Sūduvos Gymnasium, learning conditions and assess the educational space. And after delicious lunch in the school canteen they visited Mantinga which produces indescribably delicious bakery products. In the evening - free time again, which we spent in Peace and Poetry parks.

Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/60  Pirmyn

6 May (Wednesday) the guests were taken to Vilnius by bus. The excursion started visiting the Gediminas Castle, where the exchanged students with teachers had the opportunity to see the panorama of Vilnius and perpetuate themselves in this special place for every Lithuanian. Later we went to the Technical and Energy museums, later after lunch we continued our trip around Vilnius. We guided guests through the old town, showed the French embassy, the Presidential Palace, Vilnius Town Hall and Vilnius University. Of course, we have demonstrated the shopping and entertainment center Akropolis. Despite the rain, cold and fatigue, all felt happy for smooth previous warm feelings caused by the excursions.

Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/15  Pirmyn

Thursday welcomed us with sunny weather – a perfect day for visiting a temporary capital city of Lithuania – Kaunas. The day passed by while visiting the Devil‘s Museum (the museum where all the devils of various sizes, shapes and materials are housed), having fun in the indoor trampoline centre „JumpSpace“, browsing the streets of the Oldtown and enjoying the sun and each other‘s company in Freedom Avenue.

Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/42  Pirmyn

   On Friday our guests had an opportunity to see the town square and main buildings of Marijampolė, enjoy peaceful atmosphere in one of the parks of the city and some of them even had a chance to ride horses. Later teachers visited Marijampolės J.Totoraitis Progymnasium where they participated in Europe Day commemoration. In the afternoon our school‘s etnographic ensemble „Klevelis“ invited everyone to join in a farewell party where everybody could enjoy music, singing and dancing performances. But as the proverb goes „ all good things must come to an end“, so the time has come to say goodbye to our friends, but we really hope that they enjoyed their stay here and our company ... because we surely did.

„There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart." (M. Gandhi )



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